What If You Like A Home That Is "For Sale By Owner"?

You are aware that your Agent is a service provider and is not paid until after the transaction is completed.  Buyer Agents are typically paid by sellers through an agreement made between them and their Broker in which they offer to share in the brokerage fee if we bring them a ready, willing and able buyer.

And you are aware that it is in your best interest to be represented by a ?Buyer?s Agent? in order to be in a stronger negotiating position on a home purchase.  But the home you like is "For Sale By Owner".  You have options:

A Seller who is selling their home without the help of a Real Estate Agent is typically trying to save some of the Brokerage Fee they might have otherwise incurred or they have sold homes in the past and have some knowledge and want to "Do it themselves"! 

More than ever, you need proper representation so you can be assured that the seller has followed the rules and filled out the proper Disclosures (has the necessary documentation required by law)  as well as competitive pricing in place. Remember that a Brokerage Fee is typically divided into fees to market the home as well as those to bring buyers to the home.  It is not uncommon for a "For Sale By Owner" to be willing to work with an Agent who brings them a ready, willing and able buyer. The transaction typically gets handled a lot smoother and all the details get worked out to the very end. Remember, we do this everyday, where most people may buy or sell a home only a few times throughout their lifetime!

Give your Agent the opportunity to approach the Seller to negotiate in your best interest if the Seller is willing to cooperate with a Buyer's Agent.  It will work out to your advantage to have an Agent working for you.